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Commanders of the Community

Township 1 Beatty is lead by Chief Dave Nangle
Asst. Chief is Benny Miller.
Captains are  Jeff Anderson,John Rodgers, Chuck Chapski,and Jamie Allen
Lieutenants are Sam Sine, Larry Easter, Andy Merritt, Tom Shaw, and Chris Heaton.

Township 2 Garden Acres is led by Chief Eugene "Bud" Roeder.
Asst. Chiefs are John Roeder, and Dave Fairbanks.
Platoon Chiefs are Gene "Pops" Thomas, Herb Orndorff, and Mark Ryan.
Captains are Troy "Opie" Orndorff, Tim Gansheimer, Larry Lange, Tony Davis and Don Rohrer.
Lieutenants are Logan Mathews, Steve Roeder, and Matt Rucker
EMS Captain is Doug Rydbeck

Township 3 Rockway is lead by Chief Dini Meyer
Asst. Chief are Mike Sanders
Captains are Rick Hawbecker and Brian Smithson
EMS Captain is Jon Sells

Springfield Township EMS
ST EMS is led by Chief Lisa Linn