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Lament of Firemen
Lament of a Fireman
Fire is a mindless thing,uncaring of age or race.
It will take a life, destroy a home,it can strike almost anyplace.

I've learned to fear it more so than most,I've seen what it can do.
I've fought it hard, both day and night,and watched it take a few.

It has a friend who's just as bad,insidious and dark.
It creeps ahead and snuffs out lifeand doesn't leave a mark.

Some people never wake up.Some do but wretch and choke.
They're quickly overcome bythis ally of fire. Smoke.

It's never nice, it hurts like hell,to have to be the one,
who finds inside a burning housea daughter or a son.

If only people understoodand took some wise advice.
Detectors armed with batteries:it's such a meager price.

I wish I could give everyonethe tools to save them all.
Common sense, intelligence,Detectors on the wall.

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